Losing my testing conference virginity

What a click-bait title!

I was losing my testing conference attendee virginity for 2 days at the first European Testing Conference (http://europeantestingconference.eu/). It is as personal as it sounds, just like this series of short blog posts. I’m no journalist, you see.

I heard before that conferences are for conferring and talks don’t actually give you too much. With a few exceptions this seems to be true.

Although I bravely volunteered to mob-security-test, because of Linda Rising’s keynote, where she told us that you shouldn’t be trying to look good in front of others at all cost (and that you shouldn’t say to your kids that they are smart). I certainly didn’t look good in the mob-testing session, so I guess that’s a win, right?

Linda cited a Hungarian initiative (http://www.hosoktere.org/#!heroes-square/c12fl) for breaking out of the fixed mindset, home-country related warm feelings, check.

Here, read an other short one about the European Testing Conference
Losing my workshop, lean coffee and open space virginity http://wp.me/p6efD3-1x
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The food was very okay http://wp.me/p6efD3-1H
What is going on in Romania?? http://wp.me/p6efD3-1J
So what did I take away? http://wp.me/p6efD3-1D

Image is from Altom’s facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AltomConsulting)

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