Losing my workshop, lean coffee and open space virginity

So as I watched a lot of testing videos already online, I was looking forward to meet some of the testers that I knew about (through these videos or the twitter and things) and the more informal, interactive sessions.

Meeting someone is pretty quick, so I guess there is not too much to say on that front. Except that I can get a bit intimidated by someone just because I saw them online before. Anyway.

Participating a lean coffee (b)eats reading about it for breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning. Now I see. I will not describe the format because participating a lean coffee (b)eats reading about it for breakf…

Same goes for a workshop or the open space format. I’m so happy and satisfied that I’ve seen these happening from the inside. “Will I be disappointed about other #testing conferences if there is no open space and lean coffee? #EuroTestConf” (I hope this fits twitter’s character limit).

Working and thinking in small groups on a workshop gives you quickly the others’ perspective and thought you would have never thought of. I was working on an Altom black box and someone just looked at it in a way that I’ve never before. I also met people who thought they figured one of them out in a 20 minutes session. Haha. Hahahaha. Other people will just have an idea for an experiment that is new to you. They will come up with a hypothesis that you didn’t think of.

Lean coffee proves that there are so many topics you can discuss. They have sharpened my thinking and forced me to reconsider. I also had the chance to present briefly two of my ideas, but they were not picked up. Putting relevant data onto my environment is a big question for me nowadays. It’s slow through the UI and risky and hard through SQL inserts. What should I do?

The open space is the best, though. I toured some of them, there was a dice game and Anne-Marie’s robot session to practice experiment design. There were the beautiful maps about understanding requirements and testing itself (http://thetestingmap.org/), which I have to come back to later by Claudiu, a pair testing session by Mareet. But the best was the presentation karaoke. I know it wasn’t the closing keynote, but that was closing the conference for me. You get a random subject, random 4 pictures and deliver a minute-long talk. It’s a perfect parody of empty tech-talks, which makes you think how much you should take all the fancy, hour long talks when sometimes an improvisation by some bright testers can equal them.

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