So what did I take away?

I will arrive back to my job with a lot of enthusiasm and self-confidence.

Hearing about others’ daily work makes you realize that the things you know are not obvious for others. And your learning will probably never end, so we should get used to it.

After Richard’s talk, because of a Jerry Weinberg quote I talked to someone how often the things we remind each other are cliches. They sound common sense, duh-kind of thoughts. We still keep repeating them, because it’s easy not apply them.

If I suspect that an area has changed in the application but all the checks are green. That should worth a look.

Adina told me that she will think about how to put tacit knowledge into a check. I will think about it as well. Here is Harry Collins talking about how you need tacit knowledge to build a copy of a gravitational wave detector to test other researchers result:

Ale told me on her workshop that to keep a project log, and draw a map of your skills are good ideas. They certainly sound like that. I remember disagreeing with her at some point, but as a good debater I only remember my argument and not hers anymore, which I cannot decode anymore from my notes. My thought was that skills are the things you are able to do. Hers was something different. We have to talk about that.

There is no way I can list all the things I took away.

Jesse’s lean coffee one-liner about how he dislikes the word “sprint”, since it’s inherently unsustainable came from a discussion about 9-5 testers who seemingly don’t care too much about testing, but at least they can sustain that. I might burn out if all I think about is testing or something related.

I also learned about when to use the terms escalation of privilege or information disclosure in security testing which now that I think about shouldn’t be thought of as something such a distinct branch of software development.

I’m also taking away a lot of bright and approachable person.

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