The amazingly little (visible) testing universe

So AST has 600 members? You go around online and you identify the most important/loudest voices in a few weeks? Try that in graphic design, please.

Just how is it possible that in such a tech-heavy age where coding/programmer craftsmanship conferences are uncountable, where Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob are like rock stars, where software (development) is often just a big frustration for the people using or managing it and yet, testing is talked about so little?

I don’t think I understand systems thinking, but reading just the first chapter of Weinberg’s Introduction to General Systems Thinking made me realize why software development is so interesting. Because so many people working together on a system not knowing exactly what are they creating makes the software a symptom, a result of nature interacting with itself. Eventually, it’s out of our own hands. Working as a tester feels like you are in a morgue, where you get to put the body of a murdered person on the table to examine it, to study it looking for clues. And you are in the same room with the killers.

I got distracted. Oh well.

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So what did I take away?

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