What is going on in Romania??

Bucharest hosted the first European Testing Conference conference, Altom (http://altom.ro/) is from Cluj, Tabare de Testare is in 4 cities with monthly testing Meetups, also organizing a testing camp, the testing map is from there, there is the Romanian testing conference, next CITCON is going to be in Cluj.

Let’s not start an alphabetical list with countries form Europe where there is nothing visible/exciting going on, but it would go like Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan…

Here, read an other short one about the European Testing Conference
Losing my testing conference virginity http://wp.me/p6efD3-1v
Losing my workshop, lean coffee and open space virginity http://wp.me/p6efD3-1x
The amazingly little (visible) testing universe http://wp.me/p6efD3-1F
Was I an outsider? http://wp.me/p6efD3-1z
The food was very okay http://wp.me/p6efD3-1H
So what did I take away? http://wp.me/p6efD3-1D

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